Find out, why our company is the most suitable for you!

We speak and write English

1_mow_po_rosAre you afraid of language barrier during the conversation with our specialists? Do not worry! You can easily speak English with our staff. Of course, our transfermen and guides are fluent in English language.

We are offering readymade tours for our Partners

3_got_progWe have trips to Poland connected with different topics and attractions. They are differentiated also in terms, topics and budget. We are sure that you can find tour according to your personal interest and willingness of your Clients.

We are organizing different types of tours according to the individual preferences of the participants

2_ind_progr_ver2We are organizing even the most thematically and practically difficult tours. We will help you in organizing business meetings, scientific conferences or hiring professional translators. If you like active rest, we will help you to rent a yacht or a paraglider. With our company, you need not restrict your needs and desires.

We are dealing with transfermen, guides and accompaniments of tours from A to Z

4_pil_i_przewWe provide comprehensive support services for Tourist Groups, from the meeting on Polish territory till the place of departure. In practice our Guests are traveling around Poland with transfermen and during the excursions they are accompanied by our guides. During the trip we take care of the organizational questions and paperwork, purchasing tickets for museums and other attractions, reserving communications and hotels, etc. Briefly speaking, the trip to Poland with our company is a pure pleasure with no botheration and worries of any kind.

We are offering tours and Incentive Programmes to Company staff

5_dla_prac_firm_ver1Do you want to use the social budget of your company usefully and in an interesting way? Do you want to make a group trip to the Poland? We can help you with its implementation in reality! During our first contact, you will receive a proposal with programmes prepared by our professionals on your request. Of course, we will reserve a hotel and transport tickets according to your needs and budget. Call us now and find out how we can help you in the realization of such kind of project!

Our tours include the most interesting places in Poland

6_naj_miej_pol_ver2Polish attractions are not only Krakow, Warsaw or Zakopane. There are a lot of other places also that are visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. While creating individual programmes, we are including these sightseeing offers, in order to give our customers as much value as possible. Tour in such kind of places with our guides is a guarantee of your satisfaction!

We are expirienced in tour guidance

7_pil_eur_wschWe are specialized in serving tourists from European countries, for instance, from Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Our clients are Businessmen, Families, Companies, Schools, State and Public Organizations, Individuals and Travel Agencies. This simply means that our method of organizing trips is suitable for all these groups in spite of the differences in paperwork, selection of programmes and so one. With us, all this processes become easier.

We accept payment by cash and through bank transfers also

8_got_przel_ver1We accept different methods of payment. It means that we are adapting to your ability to pay for our services. Thus high costs of financial transfers or currency exchange rates can be avoided. Do you prefer to pay in cash or by bank transfer? No problem for us! Both the options are acceptable to us.